Monday, August 12, 2013

What Is Wrong With Making a Quick Choice?

We hear all the time that the opportunity is now, act quickly, or for the next ten who purchase the offer is doubled. Sometimes it is the opportunity of a lifetime but it will be gone at midnight. Or we hear ten dollars will get you $1,000 in ten days. Should we jump at these seller tactics?

The Bible Says:

"The simple believe anything, but the prudent give thoughts to their steps."  Proverbs 14:15.

This is not the simple of innocence but the simpleton who is foolish. This is the person who gets taken advantage of.
  • They see only one side- the one that is dangled before them. 
  • They are lead along in their thinking.  
  • They do not see pass the immediate.
  • They do not take the time to consider.
They don't think about it much or they only look at the surface where the pretty packaging is, or repeat the alluring words of the advertisement in their minds.

This is the person who is wise and takes their time. They consider all options. They are cautious. They are patient. They research and look into the thing from other sources.

This wise person turns things over in their mind looking at it from all sides. They take their time and will postpone the decision until after they have "slept on it." (It is no mistake that we always seem to hear these too good to be true offers late at night when we are vulnerable.) They know if it's real and if it's God's will it will be there later.

The prudent has a plan. By having a finical agenda they are not tempted to jump at the get rich scheme since they are on the path to riches. They know that they are their own once in a lifetime opportunity because they are working toward a goal, so they don't need to fall for get rich quick schemes.

Be prudent take your time and think it over every which way before you act.

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