Sunday, November 1, 2015

What Does The Bible Say About Defaulting On Loans?

These days there are many offers to borrow money and these offers seem to target the ones who are least able to afford them.  It is tempting to think that you can take a loan and not worry about repaying; after all they are big corporations with a lot of money and our little bit won't hurt them.

Is it right to borrow money knowing that you cannot repay it?  What does the Bible say?

"The wicked borrow and do not repay, but the righteous give generously;" Psalm 37:21.

You may think it is cleaver, OK, or just a little shady, but the name that the Bible gives for getting loans and not paying them back is WICKED.  It is saying this is the act of a wicked person.

Something that is wicked is a thing or action that is condemned by God because it is full of sin.

To call it borrowing is hardly the case, it is really theft.  It is the same as to enter a bank with a gun and take the money by force.  Instead it is theft by a lie- the lie the wicked say is that they have integrity and are going to pay it back.

There is purpose in their failure to repay.  It becomes a lifestyle of consuming and not giving back.  At one time it may not have been intentional but the practice has solidified into a mindset of self -gratification.

There is a theme that goes through the Bible of gratitude and thanksgiving.  We are all debtors to God for life and all the blessings we enjoy.  To repay our debts honors God for whom we owe more than we ever will be able to repay.  It honors God when we pay back our loans and is an expression of obedience to God.
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