Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why Be Content With Having Little Wealth? Psalm 37:16-17

The world is full people some are poor and some who are very rich. Maybe it would be nice to be one of the rich, but is that really better?

"Better the little that the righteous have than the wealth of many wicked; for the power of the wicked will be broken but the Lord upholds the righteous." Psalm 37:16-17.

It does not say the wealthy wicked. Having material treasures is not a sin and you are no more holy if you are poor. There are good rich people and bad ones, just as there are good poor people and bad ones.

If God has not giving you riches he may have given you better things, such as
     * Opportunities to grow in your faith.
     * Prayer answers as you bring your need to Him.
     * Freedom from the worries of wealth and ability to serve.
     * A closer walk with God since you are forced to trust him more.
     * More opportunities to minister to others freely.
     * Freedom to think more about The Lord and about eternal issues.
     * Money is only for this short life but righteousness is forever.

The verse contrasts the solo righteous person with many wealthy wicked. Not just the riches of one but imagine the combined worth of all today's mega-rich, the little that the poor person has is better- if he is righteous before The Lord.

To uphold suggest holding up someone, not just letting them lean on your shoulder, but to lift so the one lifting has all the weight of the one being carried. It says our Heavenly Father is carrying us. He may uphold us in many different ways not just finical but also emotionally, he may vindicate us before others, he may provide a miracle in a crisis, or he may give us peace as we go through trials.

Regardless if you are wealthy or poor the important thing is to find righteousness. We need righteousness to stand before God. We are righteous because we come in faith to The Savior, confess our sins with repentance, and receive his forgiveness based on His death that pays for our sins.

In times of trial and testing money does not uphold us but the Lord does. Do not trust in wealth trust in the Lord.

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