Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Does the Bible Say it is better to be poor? Proverbs 28:6

Is it better to be rich or better to be poor? Or is it all be the same?

The Bible puts it this way, "Better the poor whose walk is blameless than the rich whose ways are perverse." Proverbs 28:6.

     * BETTER: When something is better it is deemed to be superior to the alternative. It is a comparison between one item and another.
     * WALK: This is a figurative term and can be thought of as lifestyle, or our daily activities.
     * BLAMELESS: This is to be able to endure scrutiny and be proved to be free from blame. it is like good character.
     * WAYS: Ways may be the habits or view of life.
     * PERVERSE: Taking the good and making it bad, or twisting the good for a bad outcome.

In this Bible verse, riches are contrasted with character. You can have riches and good character. Riches will not always help you in problems, but more often good character will: riches may even bring more problems, you become a target for scammers, the taxman, thieves and people who see you with a prejudiced view. By comparison, a good character will rarely bring you problems.

Riches alone do not give indicators of character, maybe they illustrate someone's skill at acquiring money.

If you were going to hire someone for a job would you hire someone on the basis of having a lot of money or someone who was honest and trustworthy? We look for character in people more often than we look for wealth.

When you have riches you spend a lot of time worrying about it all and maintaining everything it brings. But who worries about being honest, truthful, trustworthy, hardworking and the other traits of having good character?

This scripture verse points out that there is a moral standard that is higher than the gaining of riches. The virtuous life of integrity is better than riches.  Seek to be noble and a person of virtue instead of chasing after wealth.

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