Monday, June 10, 2013

Does The Bible Say Money Will Give What You Desire?

Our desire for money may be the tip of the iceberg of something else; and it is not really wealth we want but there is something, a need, or a fear that we think wealth will satisfy.

Why would someone want wealth? A partial list might be...
  • We may think wealth will free us from worries. 
  • We may think money will give security.
  • We may wish we had what others have. 
  • We may worry about providing the basic necessities of life.
  • We may think money will make us attractive to a future spouse.
  • We may think money will solve our debt problem.
  • We may think money will give us a desirable life style.
So, the desire for wealth is motivated by these other desires; and these underlining causes are our true heart desire. What if we found a way of satisfying those desires? We would be free, and not spend all of our time and energy chasing money, we might enjoy life.

The Bible talks about our inner motivations, and gives a promise that answers our inner desires.

"Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desire of your heart."Psalm 37:4. NIV.

To delight is to find your happiness in something. This phrase, "Delight yourself," is an instruction or command, it suggests we must make it a point, a discipline, or a practice of choosing to delight ourselves in God.

We each must find how to delight ourselves in the Lord. Here are some ideas to start with.
  • Read the Bible daily.
  • Pray daily.
  • Practice worship, (attend worship services at a community of faith). 
  • Practice service to God and others.
  • Meditate on the good things God does and is.
When we delight ourselves in God we will experience a change of heart. Some of those things that seemed so big and looming shrink in comparison to God. Our hearts mature beyond the smaller things and goals in life. We find a faith in God that becomes a better solution than chasing money and throwing it at problems.

God who is all-powerful, all-good, who owns the "cattle on a thousand hills,"* has "hidden treasures stored in secret places.* and is so generous that he has already given his son to pay for our sins, (John 3:16), He promises to give you your heart's desire, and we can be confident in him.

The Bible promises that the way we may have our desires fulfilled is to delight ourselves in God.

* Psalm 50:10: *Isaiah 45:3

(c) Adron 2015