Saturday, May 31, 2014

Is There A Natural Talent For Prosperity? Proverbs 16:20

The Bible describes the attitude of the prosperous person as someone who has a double approach toward success.

"Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers, and blessed is the one who trust in the Lord." Proverbs 16:20.

This verse puts two statements together and at first they do not seem to have much in common but there is a thought that unites them.

Both these things are good. To prosper is to increase in what is esteemed and blessing is experiencing the favor of the Lord.

Heed instruction and you will do well. This verse says more than obey your boss, do what he says and you will advance in your career, receive promotions and raises. Indeed you should learn your job or craft, seek those who are its masters and receive their instructions then you will be a master of your craft who is worth more- but this verse has a deeper truth below the surface.

God has given us instruction in His Holy Word that guides our actions, attitudes, thoughts and motivations. If we head His teachings we will have more than monetary prosperity but prosperity on every level in life. It may be that we will have little wealth but riches of character, spirituality, friendships, and other blessings that outweigh gold or silver.

When we do our part by learning and following the directions of the Lord as a proactive life attitude, this life will attitude grow in our heart becoming an attitude of trust and faith in God. God rewards our trust in Him and is waiting for us to demonstrate that trust so He can bless us.

You can take this verse as a promise that if we listen to God's teaching and trust Him then He will bless and prosper us.

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 Adron  5/31/14

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