Monday, December 22, 2014

What Can We Do When Our Needs Are Greater Than Our Resources?

We have needs, they are honest and legitimate but we do not have the money or resources to satisfy our needs. Where do we go, and what can we do? The Bible offers some advice.

"And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19.

To say that God, in general, can meet all our needs would be stating the obvious since He is the Creator of All things but this verse speaks in terms of an emphatic "my God." Here is the idea of ownership and relationship. That because God is his God he is confident of having his needs supplied.

God is willing to meet our needs, he already met our greatest need- the need for a savior when he sent Jesus to take our sin and die in our stead so we may have salvation. If by giving Christ he has given us the greatest of heaven then the little needs of our lives are easily met.

God can grant our needs by filling them to overflowing, not just meeting them. God is not limited and can provide for all your needs, physical, emotional, financial, spiritual and whatever unique need we each have; none are exempt from his willingness or ability to provide for.

The whole earth is full of God's riches, so to meet our need will not bankrupt him. God can be generous because his riches are not diminished, and his nature is to be generous. He has already given his greatest treasure in giving Christ for us, after that why would he hold anything back?

It is in Christ that we may be confident that all our needs will be met. When God provides for us who have come to him it brings him glory through our thanksgiving, our praises, and the motivation for us to live lives that express gratitude.

If we look to have our needs met by our own efforts we will fail but if we look to God in faith to let him meet our needs we will find God will bless us.

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