Sunday, July 21, 2013

Does God have a Purpose for Money?

We get money then we spend money, we get more and we spend more, and we do it again and again. Is it some natural cycle or does God have a purpose in money- especially my money.

"So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth who will trust you with true riches." Luke 16:11, NIV.

This Bible verse turns on the word, if. If says we have a one or other situation, like saying, "if this then that."

The "either or" situation of the verse is the condition of being trustworthy, so this Bible verse is saying worldly wealth is a measure of your trustworthiness, basically it is a test.

To be given a trust is to hold onto another person's property. God has placed a trust in us with something that he has given us- material wealth. Which also means it is his to begin with.

God gives us money or other worldly goods to prove that we are worthy or act virtuously. It shows our character. The way we handle money shows:

     * If we are generous.
     * If we are thankful.
     * If we respect God who gives it to us.
     * If we are self-seeking.
     * If we are short sighted.
     * If we think about others.
     * If we trust God.
     * If we keep our obligations.

Jesus speaks of money as unique to this worldly system. He treats it like it is a passing thing, and compares worldly wealth to true riches.  He does not give any details on what these true riches are but the sense is that they are superior and more genuine.

It must be that God has reserved true riches for those who prove themselves worthy by correctly handling the worldly wealth.

The Bible has hundreds of passages that deal with that question. We each must search out with prayer and thoughtfulness what God is asking us to do with money.

To read the entire passage follow this link Luke 16:1-12.


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