Thursday, June 11, 2015

How Do I Start Giving To God? Exodus 34:26

When should you start giving to God?  What should You  give? Do you wait until you have extra money or other expenses are dealt with first?  How Do I know When I am ready to give? The Bible has a scripture that answers these questions.

"Bring the best of the first fruits of your soil to the house of the LORD your God." Exodus 34:26.

This is an action word. To bring something just doesn't happen on its own but you have to resolve to do it and that means a choice and effort. If you are going to bring something you see that it gets there, you don't just think about it.  It does not mean to procrastinate giving to God. It is a decision.

Something that is the best is something that is over all the others, it is the favored choice.  You choose the best with the highest standards. This is not the left overs or the spare.

This verse of God's word was written in the context of an agrarian culture; the harvest was the major focus of society and survival.   It represented success, wealth, and the favor of God.  The first crops that were harvested were long hoped for and anticipated.  It would have been tempting to consume the first that was harvested. The farmer could easily justify it by saying, "I worked hard all year, I waited a long time, it is my land and my plants so I should br able to do what I want."

In ancient times the house of the Lord was the tabernacle then the temple.  In modern times it i represented by the community of the local church.  Though we have many opportunities to give through "Christian" organizations, we must give our primary offerings through our local church.

Giving is an act of thanks, worship and devotion.  It has no parallel in life and is so unique a spiritual activity that we must be intentional about it.  If we remember that our giving is to the Lord God it has to be first of all the things done with our resources.

It is not a question of logic or what makes good financial sense, it is an issue of devotion and the fear of the Lord.  It is the right thing to do.

You have to meet your financial responsibilities that is a moral imperative, but giving to God is the highest priority.  Make giving to God the top line of your budget and the first check you write out.

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