Thursday, September 19, 2013

What is The First Step to Getting out of Poverty?

There are so many systems of creating wealth and getting out of poverty; some say one thing and some another. Where do you begin?

"He raises the poor from the dust, and lifts the needy from the ash heap, he seats them with princes, with princes of their people." Psalm 113:7-8.

The Bible quote is from a passage of praise to God for His power and care. Central in this song of worship is the statement that the Lord is the one who lifts the poor from the dust.

Our foundation and starting point is to have God in our plans. He is all powerful and a great business partner, (make sure he is the senior partner). He knows the way to go and the future. He is wise and caring.

     * He gives us strength to look for work and do work.
     * He provides a job and an income.
     * He keeps disaster from robbing us of work.
     * He blesses our work.
     * He protects us from the economic downturns and fickle markets.
     * He opens doors of opportunity to excel in our work.
     * He watches the many things we have no control over.

Nothing is lower than dust and the ancient ash heap was full of all manner of waste.  No matter how low you are God can lift you.

To sit with princes is to enjoy the best, and to be at the top of society. It is the inner circle of government and privilege.

Forget about being a "self-made man," strive to be a God lifted man. Acknowledge God for those who fail to honor The Almighty are not honored by The Almighty.

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FOOTNOTE: The second interpretation.
There is another kind of poverty. Those who are poor in spirit are lifted by the Loving Father. He saw our spiritual need and sent his son to pay for our sins, so we may have salvation and its riches. This is the greater riches and most to be desired.

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