Sunday, November 3, 2013

How Important Is Your Image For Success and Wealth? Proverbs 21:29

How important is your public image? Should we cultivate an image of success, wealth, and power?

"The wicked put up a bold front but the righteous give thought to their ways." Proverbs 21:29

This verse from the Bible associates the wicked man as one who presents a false image of himself.

A bold front is at the very least insincere if not outright deception.
     * It is being someone or something you are not.
     * It is something you want others to see and be impressed with.
     * It is appearing to be more than you are.
     * It is all about what others think of you.
     * It is only a front and has no substance holding it up.

To give thought to your ways is to be more careful about what you are doing than what others think. The righteous give thought to be careful about actions and decisions. The wise man does not cultivate an image of wealth, success or anything untrue, but instead strives to be what God meant for him to be.

It is more important for the righteous to have ways, habits and character traits that are moral. They take time and spend effort at self-improvement, gaining knowledge and skills instead of spending time on an image of success.

Do not spend money and time trying to look like something you are not, but take time and give your effort to become what God meant for you to be.