Thursday, January 2, 2014

Does the Bible Teach Investing? Proverbs 19:17

If you could choose who would be in your debt would you choose someone who was penniless or someone who possessed the wealth the universe?

"He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord and He will repay him for what he has done" Proverbs 19:17

A man spent years in designing a purse. He made a model to present to a manufacturer, hoping the production and sale of the purse would provide for his family.  To demonstrate its unique properties he filled it with his wallet, bank accounts, keys, photos, and other valuable things. On the way to the manufacture, he lost the purse.

A friend found the purse, it was covered in mud but the friend cleaned it and finished the delivery to the manufacturer. The man who designed the purse was grateful and being a noble person rewarded the friend making him a partner in what became a successful design and forever after had a deeper relationship to the friend.

God is like the man who designed the purse but what He made is the people around us- each one is his. When we do kindness to other people we are being kind to the property of the Lord Almighty. God is holy and as such cannot be in debt to us.

God will repay his debts, but he will not be manipulated, and we cannot give simply to receive. We give because...
     * It is the right thing to do.
     * It honors God.
     * We have been blessed for the purpose of being a blessing.
     * The ones we help are just like us and we may be needy someday.
     * It fulfills the command to love.
     * We are made in God's image and since He is a giver so we must be giving.

There is no guarantee of monitory returns for being kind to the people God created, but considering the power and potential of the Lord Almighty however He chooses to repay will be wonderful.

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