Thursday, February 12, 2015

What Does The Bible Say About Finding Resources To Get Out Of Poverty? Proverbs 13:23

We want to get out of poverty, but it seems that those who get ahead had some source that provided them with the means to move up.  Where did they get those resources to get ahead, and what can we do to get those resources for ourselves?

"Much food is in the tillage of the poor; but there is that is destroyed by reason of injustice." Proverbs 13:23.

Tillage is an old English word for working a field. Scholars interpret the way it is used in this verse as a field that is worked for the first time, like a homestead or venture. This would be a field that requires a lot of labor!

Tillage is hard work it is the opposite of the get rich scheme. Tillage is spending morning to night in the field under the sun as it burns your back and working tools until your hands blister. Tilling of soil is a common lowly job, and a basic skill; though it is hard work, it is something that any healthy person can do.

The poor who till their lands not only find the basic necessities of life but even abundance. This abundance may be nourishment for other people.  All the worker needs is a little imagination and basic skills to bring in a good harvest, even surplus to sell and seed for next year's crop.

The poor may not have much, maybe a few yards of land. The verse above points out that he uses what he has and he works what is in hand, even if it is just a few yards of land, some seeds from last nights dinner, and his own muscle, he uses it to provide. He is not chasing get rich quick schemes or throwing precious resources away on lottery tickets; he is not daydreaming and pining for a better tomorrow.  He is working hard with the little he has.

We do not live in the agricultural world the Bible spoke to but we have the equivalent of tillage today. It may not be a plot of land to farm but we have some skill in something, we have some training and experience in some way that we can farm.

Your tillage may be the mop you use to clean the kitchen floor. Take it and start cleaning the neighbor's kitchens.
Your tillage may be the spare room you can use to teach a skill or use as a work place.
Your tillage may be the needle and thread in your closet use it to mend for the local dry cleaner.
Your tillage may be your physical mobility so you can walk neighbors dogs, or deliver for a store as a contractor.
Your tillage may be some other skill someone said you had.

Look around at what you have and be willing to work those resources from morning to night six days a week for as long as it takes. If you work what God has blessed you with then after a time you will blessing others from your abundance. 


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