Thursday, December 21, 2017

What Does The Bible Say About A Fool And His Money? Psalms 49:20

The Bible says a lot about money, but what does it say about a foolish person and money?

"A man who has riches without understanding is like the beast that perish." Psalm 49:20.

At first glance, you think this is all about money, but riches can be many things. Riches can include all manner of property; you can be rich in talents, education, friendships, and other things of this world. Therefore, we can all consider ourselves to be rich in some way or other.

To have understanding is more than just education or a broad knowledge base. 
  • It is having insight into how things work. 
  • It is to know the effect of your actions. 
  • It is the result of experience, thoughtfulness, and imagination. 
  • It is to possess an awareness of potential and possibilities. 
  • It is the results of purposeful intelligence.
  • It is intentional, it is not an accident and it doesn't just happen. 
We must understand wealth, how it relates to the world and what is God's purpose for our wealth.

In God's creation, humans are set apart from the beast. In the Bible, we see God creating beast by His command, but when He created man He had greater care and intention because it says God formed man out of the dust of the ground, not by command.

The opposite of the beast that perishes is being made in the image of God. If we are in the image of God we are intended by God to be noble and virtuous, a reflection of his nature and character, we are to do great things not just to exist.

To perish is to come to an end, it is the final conclusion. The wise author of Proverbs used these words as a statement of value or judgment; it is to say that without understanding your wealth makes you less than God intended you to be.

You must get understanding. It is foolish to possess a powerful resource and not to understand it.  You must take time to learn about your wealth, gifts and blessings. Seek out advisors who are expert in these things. Read literature that teaches how to handle your wealth. Resolve not to be like the beast who perish.
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