Friday, August 8, 2014

Can you Escape Your Debt Without Paying? Proverbs 22:27

We sometimes think we will borrow some money for a venture or need. We may use a credit card or bank loan and hope to find some way to pay it back later when we really do not have the money now. Is there a way to make this kind of borrowing work?

"If you lack the means to pay even your very bed will be snatched away from you." Proverbs 22:27.

To lack is to not have something you need. You have to make sure you have the resources before you start out; this requires the effort to assess what you have and to determine what is needed.

We normally associate means with money but it could be any resource such as time or other assets

This very close to home. In modern terms it is like saying you will lose the roof over your head. Borrowing could leave you homeless, then where will you keep the stuff you borrowed money for?

To snatch is to take something suddenly without warning.  There is no way to resist the creditor who comes demanding his payment. When you don't see it coming then it is coming.

This Bible Verse is a warning not to get into debt to begin with and if you do then you must be sure you already have enough to get out of debt before you go there.

So be prepared- for the results are merciless, you could literally lose everything.

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